Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five U.S. adults experience a mental illness each year and suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34. The covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this mental health crisis, increasing anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation for many. Organizations in the Mental Health collection are working to increase access to quality services, advocate for better health policies, create innovative solutions and more.

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When you subscribe to the Mental Health collection, you will:

Join a like-minded community of donors. Your money is combined with others who are supporting Mental Health to increase impact and reduce overhead costs for nonprofits receiving the funds.

Donate to a diverse pool of nonprofits. Each month, your money will go to a different nonprofit addressing mental health. Over time, you’ll support a wide range of organizations that provide direct services to clients with mental health needs, increase access to services, build awareness and reduce stigma around mental health, advocate for better policies, and research and develop innovative interventions.

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Below are examples of the types of nonprofits featured in this collection:

The Steve Fund

The Steve Fund is dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color.

Safe Space Radio

Safe Space Radio inspires courageous conversations, reduces stigma, shame and isolation, and fosters compassion and public health.


LookUp is a “by youth for youth” 501(c)(3) social venture dedicated to helping young people thrive in the digital world.

AAKOMA Project

We believe that everyone — regardless of background, income, or identity — deserves optimal mental health.