You Want to Donate to Racial Justice. We Make It Simple.

PennyLoafer handles your giving from A to Z. We research racial justice charities, take care of logistics and update you on your impact - at no cost.

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Why give with PennyLoafer?

Zero Fees

No Platform Fees

We don't take a cut.
Your money goes to the charities.

Combined Impact

No Platform Fees

You'll give with others
for greater impact.

Vetted Charities

No Platform Fees

We do all the research
so you can feel confident.

Ongoing Strategy

No Platform Fees

You'll give regularly
to causes you care about.

Monthly Newsletters

No Platform Fees

You'll learn along the way,
and stay updated on your impact.

It’s never been easier to make a difference. But don’t take our word for it.

Donating shouldn't be soley reactive. PennyLoafer is a great and easy way for me to work giving into my routine.


Seattle, WA

My favorite parts of the newsletters are reading about the organizations and thier founders, and the "learning" section which has a lot of pertinent information and keeps me informed.


Philadelphia, PA

I love that PennyLoafer handles everything for me and I can sit back and simply read about where my money is going, and the impact it’s having. I also look forward to the caption contest every month.


Los Angeles, CA

I like that I can give $5 a month and feel part of something bigger.


Chicago, IL

I love PennyLoafer! I've donated here and there to different disasters or when things come up. This is the first time I have a strategy with my giving. It’s been cool to see the different nonprofits chosen, and I feel like I’m actually learning.


Pittsburgh, PA

How It Works

Step 1Select the Racial Justice cause

PennyLoafer researches great nonprofits fighting for racial justice from different angles. When you support the Racial Justice cause, your donation is combined with like-minded donors every month and given to a vetted charity.

Step 2Set a monthly giving amount

Choose what fits your budget. Start with as little as $5/month and update it at any time. Zero platform fees (we don't take a cut!)

Step 3Begin making a difference

We’ll take it from here. PennyLoafer saves you time by vetting the best nonprofits addressing racial justice from local to national contexts. Feel confident about where your donations go, and learn along the way via an informative monthly newsletter.

Zero Platform Fees. Tax-Deductible Donations. Cancel Anytime.

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