Nonprofit Spotlight: National Education Equity Lab

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In August 2021, PennyLoafer donors collectively gave to the National Education Equity Lab!

The Rundown

  • Years founded: 2019

  • Leadership: Leslie Cornfield, founder and CEO, is a former federal civil rights prosecutor and served as an education advisor under the Obama administration. Read more about the team.

  • Issue they address: the opportunity divide and lack of access to top universities for high school students in low-income communities.

  • What they do: provide a scalable College-in-High School model at no cost to students.

  • How they do it:

    • Partner with Universities (Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Howard, and more) + public schools across the country

    • Online college credit-bearing courses from top universities are co-taught with a trained teacher in the high school classroom.

    • Students receive additional supports (mentors, built-in resources)

Why they were chosen

It’s a newer nonprofit with a scalable model. They’re expanding quickly with a small team and impressive board. Students get access to elite universities, gain college credits and build their confidence. The universities build a new pipeline of prospective students that live outside of where they typically recruit.

PennyLoafer LearningLearning

It’s back-to-school season. And with the influx of federal stimulus dollars, many school districts are rushing to meet the mental health needs of incoming students. Consider the following:

How are schools responding?

More staff and resources. Approximately 44% of school district leaders say they have added mental health-focused staff, while another 32% are trying to do so.

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